EFLS sees that many within the Aboriginal community struggle greatly with money management and firmly believes that this can be improved with effective financial literacy courses that are tailored to their unique situation and background.
Due to the presence of dysfunctional socio-economic conditions, members of Canada’s Aboriginal Community do not have (nor have they in the past) the same opportunities as other Canadians to acquire and hone their financial literacy skills and thus are at a major disadvantage in terms of their interactions with the mainstream financial community.
Research indicates that too many people in Canada lack a functional level of financial literacy. The unfortunate reality is that members of Canada’s Aboriginal community are somewhat more susceptible to this syndrome as quite often they are disadvantaged due to generally lower levels of education, the presence of difficult socio-economic conditions and have a tendency towards tenuous relationships with mainstream financial institutions.

The primary objective of this initiative is to provide effective approaches to support Edmonton’s Aboriginal Community in improving their money management skills and quality of life in order to overcome barriers such as affordable housing, home ownership, debt reduction, long term savings and crime prevention.

The project aims to increase awareness of the needs of Aboriginal peoples, and the benefits from this project methodology throughout Canada. Secondary objectives of this project are:
A) To enhance each participant’s level of self confidence by the reinforcement of Aboriginal culture and values.
B) To effectively demonstrate how community partnerships can evolve and grow for the greater good of the communities they serve.
To the best of our knowledge, this ground breaking project is the first of its kind in North America as it involves a unique financial literacy course delivery strategy that includes the integration of Aboriginal culture and values component into its curriculum to ensure that course materials learned have long term positive impact and are conducive as well as relevant to members of the Aboriginal community. All teachings are geared to reinforcing the positive aspects of Aboriginal culture and also bridging the issues of money that were never relevant to the traditional Aboriginal way of life.

EFLS is currently looking for more Aboriginal agencies to parter with! For more information on the Rainy Day project, please contact EFLS Executive Director.
EFLS provides a number of it’s Financial Literacy course with an Aboriginal culture and values component, please contact EFLS for further detials.