Providing Financial Literacy Education to youth. EFLS believes that educating today’s youth financially is a priority. In their recent cross country consultations, the Canadian federal government’s National Task Force on Financial Literacy found that a highly common recommendation is that… Read More


At any given time, EFLS always has a number of initiatives and projects underway. To view some of our major projects select one of the project tabs above, or click on the images below this box. Aboriginal Trades Schools RESPs… Read More

Aboriginal Financial Literacy

EFLS sees that many within the Aboriginal community struggle greatly with money management and firmly believes that this can be improved with effective financial literacy courses that are tailored to their unique situation and background. Due to the presence of… Read More

Privacy Policy

The Collection and Use of Information Edmonton Financial Literacy Society limits the information we collect about our customers to what we need for internal business purposes only. Access On request we will provide you with access to the information we… Read More


EFLS takes a unique role in development and delivery with its partnership model, which builds on the strengths of other local agencies to provide its services. The EFLS partnership model provides an effective way to develop new projects and to… Read More


With the speed and convenience of today’s technology, EFLS likes to keep their funders, partners and clients up to date on events affecting the organization. See below for the latest news on EFLS. EFLS has moved back to the Edmonton… Read More


EFLS board of directors are keen to ensure that financial statements that show our income and expenses per year are avaliable for all to see.


Non-profit organizations simply cannot operate without the ongoing support of funding generously provided by organizations in both the private and public sectors.


With every project EFLS is involved in; it strives to ensure that the learning materials presented are conducive and tailored to meet the unique needs of the various population segments it delivers financial education to. With funding generously provided by Alberta… Read More

Vision & Mission

EFLS believes that Financial Literacy is essential for ALL Canadians, not just for the poor and the marginalized. Our Vision: To assist in creating a revitalized economic landscape in Canada where the majority of its citizens are financially literate, financially… Read More