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Supporting Us:
Volunteer application form (Word)  
The Canadian code for volunteer involvement (PDF)
BDP Roles and responsibilities of a non-profit board (PDF)
WCN best practices for non-profit boards (PDF)
National study of board governance practices in the non-profit sector (PDF)
Imagine Canada risk management for non-profits (PDF)

Learning with Us:
Youth money tracking spreadsheet form (Excel)
Adult money tracking spreadsheet form (Excel)
Equifax form for a free report on your credit file (PDF)
Trans Union form for a free report on your credit file (PDF)

Working with Us:

Annual Report Dec 2011 (PDF)
Media Kit 2011 (PDF)

Who we are and what we do (PDF)
Call for partners (PDF)
EFLS recommendations to the Financial Literacy Task Force (PDF)
EFLS recommendations to the Alberta Competitiveness Council (PDF)
EFLS media article from 2007 (PDF)

Financial Literacy research papers:
Minister of Finance Jim Flaherty's speech on financial literacy (PDF)
DFID Sustainable livelihoods guidance sheets - a framework for asset development (PDF)
WEDC Women in transition out of poverty (PDF)
PERC US credit system report (PDF)
CSD Charitable donations report (PDF)
CSD I can save program (PDF)

ESCO phase 1 report (PDF)

Working with Us - Instructor support page  
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What we do

EFLS recognizes that educating people about financial literacy is not effective unless it positively changes behaviors. The lack of in-depth financial literacy education within Canada is resulting in higher debt levels, predatory lenders, and lots of poor decisions.

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EFLS provides a number of courses to meet its participant's needs. Where possible, courses are provided in partnership with other organizations. Through each course EFLS helps each participant to explore the relationship they have with their money, and how to make lasting changes to improve their quality of life.

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