With the current climate of economic uncertainty; many people are now in a phase of vocational transition.  Current trends indicate that there are an increasing number of Women and Aboriginals training for employment in the trades & construction industry. 

Once their training is completed and employment has been secured, this often means a sudden and dramatic increase in their take home pay.  Unfortunately, many people in this circumstance lack the personal money management knowledge & skills to manage their increased income in a diligent manner.
EFLS is delivering a specially tailored financial literacy course for clientele of the Women Building Futures (WBF) and Trades Winds to Sucess (TWTS) programs. The partnership objective is to prepare clientele with the knowledge & skills to effectively manage anticipated increased remuneration in their daily lives.
The curriculum was recently expanded to include more information on long term financial asset development (i.e. home ownership, investments...etc.).
These programs have been funded by CIBC and Sun Life.

EFLS is able to custom build materials to suit all types of employment based community and commercial courses.

"Fantastic, I was so worried about how to get and use a credit card, now I know how to."

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