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Flexibility and adaptability are key components of EFLS’ success as it welcomes opportunities to custom tailor its learning materials to better suit the various population segments it delivers to.  If you or the organization you represent is considering working with EFLS, the following information can help you to understand the calibre of support EFLS can provide.  At this point, there is no need to concern yourself with identifying a specific course or project that matches your needs as EFLS has the expertise to ascertain the best solution to meet the needs of your clientele.

Other Projects:

Making Ends Meet 

There are many people who are unemployed or are simply unable to work due to mental / physical impairment. These people usually rely solely on government financial support programs to survive.  Often, they feel trapped and have no control over their lives.  They also have the misperception that honing their personal money management skills will have little positive impact in their lives.

EFLS provides "Making Ends Meet" to help address and improve these issues.  Working with local food banks and other crisis intervention agencies, EFLS can provide a course that blends class room time with one on one consultation to focus clients on individual goals that will ultimately improve their quality of life.

This course can also be used in addiction recovery programs that allow clients the time they need to effectively address their issues.


$ave Your Tommorow

Many students struggle to cope with the combined challenges of learning, working, and utilizing student loans.  Often students end up with huge student loans that will take years to pay off.  EFLS is currently developing materials to support and assist students and educational institutions with effective money management tools.

Workplace Financial Literacy

Research indicates that financial literacy programs offered in the workplace can be mutually beneficial to both employers and employees:

Potential Benefits to Employers:
Employee productivity increases as personal financial stresses are reduced through the availablitity of financial literacy education in the workplace.  Having this type of program positively enhances Employer's profile and will assist in recruiting and retaining employees. Employees will demonstrate increased commitment and absenteeism will be reduced.As employees will be better able to manage their personal finances, requests for pay advances will decline. Better health and safety records in the workplace.Overall increase in moral and outputs. Enhanced company image as a company who cares about it's workforce

Potential Benefits to Employees:
Increased job satisfaction with current vocation and remuneration.
Improved level of financial knowledge and healthier behaviors towards money.
The development of contingency and emergency savings plans.
Increased contributions to retirement plans.
Greater confidence and peace of mind for the future.

Increased job satisfaction with current vocation and remuneration.

If your company is considering providing financial literacy for it's workplace, please contact EFLS for a free consultation meeting.


"The course has helped me to curb my spending and to think about what I'm buying before I buy it. I've changed my habits and now want to get an RRSP."

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Aboriginal Project

EFLS sees that many within the Aboriginal community struggle greatly with money management and firmly believes that this can be improved with effective financial literacy courses that are tailored to their unique situation and background.

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