Non-profit organizations simply cannot operate without the ongoing support of funding generously provided by organizations in both the private and public sectors. Funders of EFLS (past and present) include: Alberta Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Alberta Capital Market Foundation Alberta… Read More


With every project EFLS is involved in; it strives to ensure that the learning materials presented are conducive and tailored to meet the unique needs of the various population segments it delivers financial education to. With funding generously provided by Alberta… Read More

Vision & Mission

EFLS believes that Financial Literacy is essential for ALL Canadians, not just for the poor and the marginalized. Our Vision: To assist in creating a revitalized economic landscape in Canada where the majority of its citizens are financially literate, financially… Read More


EFLS can’t promise that participating in one of its programs will make you wealthy, however participation CAN assist you in developing a healthier relationship with your personal finances as evidenced by the testimonials of our clients quoted below. “It has… Read More

About Us

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, Teach a man how to fish and he will eat for a lifetime”. This famous quote epitomizes EFLS’ basic philosophy when it comes to financial literacy education. As… Read More


Over the past number of years, there has been a staggering growth in; (A) the number of alternative banking businesses and (B) the number of firms that specialize in personal bankruptcies. These 2 emerging trends point towards the need for… Read More


EFLS’ excellent reputation has been built in part by its high standards for membership on its board of directors. Each of EFLS’ board and committee members are highly educated, professionally employed and strongly committed to promoting the importance of financial… Read More


Community Recognition is another element that reflects EFLS’ credibility and success as it has been nominated for and the honored recipient of a number of distinguished awards. 2010 Alberta Consumer Champion Awards The Edmonton Financial Literacy Society – Dream Catcher… Read More