Unlike other money management approaches, EFLS utilizes a comprehensive holistic approach as its financial literacy courses don't just teach budgeting skills and tracking one's expenses; the curriculums look in depth at the human emotions that drive spending and money management and help people to have a healthier relationship with their personal finances. Furthermore, EFLS' courses emphasize the use of interactive learning materials to ensure greater knowledge retention.

The difference between Budgeting & Financial Literacy:

Budgeting: A plan prepared for allocating one's financial income, usually conducted on a monthly basis.

Financial Literacy: Possessing the knowledge, skills and psychological insight into one's motivations and behaviours so that financial decisions are responsible, conducive and realistic in relation to one's personal circumstances.

EFLS strongly believes that there is a direct correlation between; How one views money and its role in their life and How well that individual will be able to manage their money.

Unless an individual has some psychological insight as to why one tends to spend money frivolously, or why one accumulates unmanageable levels of credit card debt, or why one has a deep seeded need to impress others with their material possessions; simply instructing an individual on how to prepare a budget and to cut back on their spending will have little impact on their financial circumstances.

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"This course has helped me to understand and accept the restrictions imposed on me and still save some money."

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EFLS provides a number of courses to meet its participant's needs. Where possible, courses are provided in partnership with other organizations. Through each course EFLS helps each participant to explore the relationship they have with their money, and how to make lasting changes to improve their quality of life.

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In 1994, a group of individuals held a meeting to explore options regarding the creation of a Community Loan Fund in Edmonton.

Through the dedication and investment of this working group, the Edmonton Community Loan Fund Society was created to assist those that needed financing to start up a micro business, but were unable to secure conventional funding.

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