Our Vision: To assist in creating a revitalized economic landscape in Canada where the majority of its citizens are financially literate, financially solvent, self reliant and are well - informed consumers making wise choices in the market place conducive to their personal circumstances.

Our Mission: To deliver high quality financial literacy education in a holistic manner which is conducive in affecting long term positive behavioral change to those seeking to become more financially solvent and establishing a healthier relationship with their personal finances.


Volunteers are a key part of Edmonton. They bring freshness, diversity, and a multitude of resources, talents, knowledge, and skills that our programs could not singularly provide.

Why Volunteer?


Developing community partnerships is a major part of EFLS'S mandate to support the community and expand the delivery of Financial Literacy courses. It is an effective way to use existing community resources, to develop new projects to meet the ever changing needs of the community.

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