EFLS can’t promise that participating in one of its programs will make you wealthy, however participation CAN assist you in developing a healthier relationship with your personal finances as evidenced by the testimonials of our clients quoted below.

“It has made a tremendous impact on the way I feel about money and the responsibility that it requires to handle it. I feel less fear about handling my finances, and more hope in building my assets”.
“This group has been the catalyst for me, getting my life together – not only financially”.

“Getting over the fear over financial matters. I used distractions, avoidance, etc. to compensate for my fear and got myself into financial hardship. Now I have little fears about it”.
“I am more financially sound and make better decisions.”

“I am learning the difference in myself controlling my finances and my finances (money) controlling me.”
“It made me stronger. I learned that it is easier to save money once you realize where it is going.”

“I am very grateful for this experience, as it has changed my perspective on NOT only my finances but in the rest of my life as well. THANK YOU!”
“This course has helped me to understand and accept the restrictions imposed on me and still save some money.”

“I now feel motivated to adjust and improve my budget.”
“The course has helped me to curb my spending and to think about what I’m buying before I buy it. I’ve changed my habits and now want to get an RRSP.”

“I am now more aware of my spending leaks and temptations.”
“I will use what I’ve learned to control my spending, pay off my debts, and save for the future.”

“Every time I go shopping I will think of this course, and stick to my budget.”
“The course has helped me to think further than the limits I saw in my life.”

“This course has helped me to empower myself with the tools I need to take control of my spending and savings. I am very grateful!”