EFLS takes a unique role in development and delivery with its partnership model, which builds on the strengths of other local agencies to provide its services.  Flexibility & adaptability are key strengths of EFLS as it is open to custom tailoring learning materials to more effectively suit the different needs of the groups it delivers to.

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With every project EFLS is involved in, it strives to ensure that the learning materials presented are conducive and tailored to meet the unique needs of the various population segments it delivers financial education to.  All EFLS curriculums contain behavioral components that are designed to directly relate to the demographic it is targeting.


Given the complexity of financial markets and product choices as well as the disturbing trend of ever increasing household debt to income ratios; Financial Literacy is now recognized as being an essential life skill.


"The course has helped me to curb my spending and to think about what I'm buying before I buy it. I've changed my habits and now want to get an RRSP."

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